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"Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts repeated with emotion are the building blocks to creating that reality."

Branka Moore 

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Privacy is very important in a counselling relationship. ICS™ policy is that what is said during a session stays private and between the counsellor and the client with the four (4) exceptions.

As counselling involves sharing sensitive and private information, counselling sessions take place in a private and non-threatening environment. Branka B. Moore adheres to the counselling Code of Ethics and follows the principles and values set forth in her professional conduct.

Confidentiality is taken very seriously and everything that is discussed is kept in the strictest confidence. The exceptions to this rule are as follows, and will be discussed with you during the assessment session:

  • A client poses a clear and imminent danger to themselves or to someone else.

  • A client requests release of information.

  • A court orders release of information.

  • Clients raise the issue of their mental health in a lawsuit.